Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're Here

We've made it but have had some trouble posting the the blog. It is 7:15am 11/2/07. We are getting ready to go downstairs for a free buffet breakfast at our hotel. Marcia has slept some but I have not but feel ok. We're to meet up with about 10 other couples for a trip to the Forbidden City this morning and then for an Acrobatic Show in the afternoon. The hotel (what we've seen of it) is nice with a great view of the Beijing Skyline. We will post as possible.

We received some more "personal information" on Ava yesterday. She is staying with a foster grandma and grandpa but is especially found of her foster grandpa. So Don and Pedro get ready. They said she can speak in short sentences (in Chinese, we cannot by the way) and eats well. She even eats vegetables unlike Ben and Pete. For Jim (who likes to nickname each of his nieces and nephews) we have learned she is often called Ting Ting.

Magi! having trouble with emailing but wanted to know the deal with fruit. Safe to eat?


Magi said...

If you can peel it, you can eat it. I was going to suggest you email me and I'll post for you if you have more problems, but if you're having email problems, too, then we're out of luck. If you read your comments before you go to the acrobatic show, buy a cd for me, please.

Enjoy your day.

Love ya'll!

Kati Arata said...

Have fun - we can't wait to hear more details and see pics.

Lily Kate's Mom said...

Have a great time! We are all thinking about you and glad you made it safely.

Susan and Jonathan

Sophia's Mama said...

We are looking forward to seeing you with Ava... Have a wonderful time..
Susan and Riz