Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

I have mixed feelings about school starting. Part of me is thrilled that I finally may be able to accomplish some things around the house, but I dread the whole morning routine of trying to get everyone out of the door! We were able to get everyone to bed pretty much on time last night, but that still didn't matter to Ben. Both Peter and Ava were already in our bed and got up pretty easily. Ava was up and ready to eat breakfast and Peter was up and ready to have some chocolate milk. I woke up a groggy Ben and carried him into our room...he was very upset that it was still dark outside. I put him in my bed, turned on the t.v. and brought him some chocolate milk to ease him into the day. For the last couple of years that has been our morning routine for school. The boys would get in our bed and drink CM while watching t.v. Ben pretty much just uses that time for more was no different. Once they were up, everything went pretty smooth. They got dressed, we took our annual pictures and headed to Ava's school first.

For some reason, the flash didn't work when taking the boy's pictures.

Ben went to morning asembly without a problem. He has been going to this school since pre-k, so he knows the routine. He is not one to let you know if he is anxious, but he did finally admit yesterday that he was a little excited about going back to school so he could see his friends.

Peter has been excited about going back to school; he loves school and misses his friends...especially Abigail. I took him to his classroom and he put his book bag away, found his seat and got started on the puzzle on his desk. I was glad to see that he was seated next to Charlotte, the sister of one of Ben's best friends (Leo). Peter barely even noticed when I left.

Ava was all smiles here, but it didn't last. She got very upset when I dropped her off. It broke my heart to see her crying as the teacher's aide took her away. The boys got very upset too. Peter started to cry and asked me why I was making her go to school on the first day. They were both so sweet. I know that she will have fun and like school once she gets into her classroom, but a part of me worries about what she was thinking when I dropped her off. I wanted her to know that I was going to be coming back to get her. She has gone through so much in her life and we are the fourth place that she has lived (as far as we know) and I want her to understand that we will always be her family. I don't know if she really knows that.