Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have not posted in forever. We now have an external hard drive and we store all of our photos there, so I have to be in the dining room to post. I use to just sit on the couch in the living room with the lap top and take my time. It was a whole lot easier. It is hard to find time to escape. So, I will post a bunch of misc. photos that we have taken.

Right now the plague is going on at our house. Ben has been sick since Monday. I took him to the doctor on Wednesday b/c he still had a fever. He tested positive for the flu. He has been so sick and He is still sick today. He has really been pitiful. And then this morning, Ava woke up vomiting. She has been throwing up ALL day. The kids have never gotten the flu shot before but I am now going to make sure they get one every year. This is terrible. At least, Peter has resisted it all and is his usually happy self.

These first pictures are Christmas at our house with the Chapman's. We had to celebrate early with them b/c we were going to be at Callaway Gardens for Christmas with the Mandoki's.
Ava's First Christmas

They Boys are Professionals

Ben modeling his new "cool" bike/scooter helmet

Ava and Her Two Granddaddy's

Round two...Christmas with the Mandoki's. Everyone is sitting around listening to Grandaddy read "Twas The Night Before Christmas". We didn't have the actual story so he read it off of Kati's is that for a modern Christmas!!!

Ava with her new baby doll

Ava loved this musical table topper!!!

Waiting for the Fantasy in Lights train to start. (A man dressed up as Santa and proposed to his girlfriend while we were on the it romantic for a big, white haired man with a goofy red suit to propose to you??? It must be...she said yes!)

The Whole Clan

I just love this picture

I had to take this picture because it is the only time I've seen Ava in her own bed. I guess we will get her sleeping there one day!

This was an interesting weekend. I guess the snow did something to the boys. Ben has a book called Captain Underpants...the super hero in the book is a school principal that runs around in his underwear. The boys decided to play Captain Underpants that day. They wore their underwear and a hand towel safety pinned around their necks. After a while I told them to go put their clothes back on, but instead they decided to put every pair of underwear on they was quite a site. I don't have a picture of that. I guess this is embarrassing enough.

Later that same day, they decided to put on the exact same thing...."doo-rag" and all!

We also had snow that weekend. We had a lot of fun playing in the snow and building a snowman.

Did I mention how much I love these three kids!!!

At least the Snowman stayed still for the photo!

The first video Susan is helping me and the kids build a snowman. In the second, we are having a fun snowball fight. And yes, that is their loving mother throwing snowballs in the boy's faces.