Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Day

This past Saturday Peter and I were in the car together and he mentioned something about the radio saying there would be snow tomorrow. I told him that I didn't hear what was said, but they were probably talking about somewhere was in the 60's on Saturday. Well obviously, he heard correctly...

Ava loving the snow

Mom going for the weak

Peter throwing a snowball at mom

Daddy and Ben building Bob

Ben, Bob, and Daddy

The next day the kids had the day off from school because of the snow. Ben was prepared for the arctic winds (It was in the 40's with the sun shining). Ava snuck out with him with no jacket, one of my gloves, and a pair of my socks with my crocks. She loves to be outside and she loves the snow. Peter was outside for maybe 10 minutes. One of Peter's quotes is that he likes winter because you don't have to go outside.