Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meanwhile, Back the Ranch....

A note from Donna...

Ben and Pete have talked about Ava a lot in the past week and have enjoyed reading about her and especially seeing her via the webcam. Pete has had the most to say, which is very typical while Ben does the "thinking" thing. Last night,while driving home from Cub Scouts, we passed a Chinese restaurant in Hapeville and I asked the boys if they ever eat there. They said no, but Ben went into a monologue about how much he likes the Chinese take-out that we occasionally eat when he and Peter stay at our house on AU football weekends. He was trying to convince Pete how good it is but Pete is perfectly happy with his PB&J thank-you-very-much. About a minute passed and Pete said, "I hope the Chinese restaurant has a drive-in window." When I asked why, he said "So we can drive through and get Ava something on our way to McDonald's." What a sweetie! Pete is also a little concerned that Ava does not like sweets, since that is his favorite food group.

I know the boys miss their mommy and daddy, but they are doing really well. Marcia has everything so organized and the boys know and follow the routine. Last night was the first time they've asked to sleep with me, so I let them. (Even though I'm acting the role of parent right now, I'm still just an old softy aunt who has a hard time saying no.)

We're counting the days until Derek and Marcia return with Ava. She's in for a real treat, because she'll have two precious boys to smother with kisses and hugs.

- Donna


Magi said...

It sounds like things are going great, Donna. Tell Pete not to worry. I'm sure Ava will quickly catch on to their favorites and make them hers, too. Give them our love!

Lily Kate's Mom said...

It was great to talk with you yesterday Donna, and we are glad to hear all is well.
Thanks again for thinking of me :)

Can't wait to see them all either. What a reunion that will be!


Jessdine said...

Glad to hear the boys are doing well. They are the sweetest in the land.

Give them smooches.