Sunday, November 11, 2007

Other Pictures!


Lily Kate's Mom said...

I have that same outfit for LK :)

What a sweetheart she is. Just a few more days and you'll be home!

Miss you!

Susan and Johnny

Magi said...

Love the pictures! We need more with Derek, and I want to know what you're doing and how it's going, if you get a chance.

Get lots of squeaky shoes. I should have bought more. They're too cheap and too cute!

Jessdine said...

I know I am a dork but that picture on Marcia's arm made me teary eyed. It's so sweet.

The Upchurch's said...

She is absolutely adorable!! We have been reading the blog everyday. We all really miss you guys at church. Lexi and Logan are sooo excited about meeting their new friend!! :) Praying that you have a safe trip home.