Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving and Other Stuff (updated with photos)

I love my Granddaddy

I have been meaning to post for a while, but was waiting until Derek downloaded the pictures on to the computer. Well, he still hasn't done it so I thought I would post before I forgot everything. I know that I should learn how to download the pictures myself...I will eventually!

Thanksgiving was great. We had Thanksgiving at Debbie's (Derek's sister) house. It was a full house!! Ava did great with all of the family present. She also ate very well....much better than Peter. I made him try turkey and he gagged when it touched his tongue!!! I made Ben try the dressing and the sweet potato casserole...he didn't like either. How can you NOT like sweet potato casserole???? Ava loved Grandaddy Chapman!!! Anywhere he went, she was there. She spent most of the day on his lap.

Ava is doing really well. She is still happy all of the time. She and Peter are still good buddies. He tells me all of the time that he loves her. Friday night we all hung out in the family room in the basement. We had a fire, and watched a movie. We were going to make s'mores, but we didn't have any regular marshmellows. We only had these awful fruit swirl marshmellows that the boys convinced me to buy one day. After the movie, Derek and the boys decided that they were all going to sleep downstairs. It was really late and I knew Ava had to be tired so I took her up to bed with me. We got into bed, I turned off all of the lights except my table lamp. She would not lay down so I pretended to be asleep...that usually works. I continued to lay there hoping she would go to sleep. After a little bit, she turned and looked at me and I noticed that her eyes looked teary. I sat up and saw tears coming down her face. She was not making a sound. It broke my heart. I have never seen a child this young cry quietly! I put my arms around her and she just started bawling. I let her cry for a bit and then she pointed to the door. She wanted to go back downstairs. I took her downstairs and we ALL slept downstairs! We had a family slumber party! It might be a while before I have her sleep in her room by herself. I don't want her to be alone crying quietly! I wonder how many nights she has already had sitting alone crying quietly...not anymore.

We took her to church again this Sunday...we usually leave when the children go to children's church...she is not very good at being quiet. If fact, whenever it quiets down, she usually lets out a yell. She waved to Susan up in the choir loft when we sat down. She is very social. She has fallen in love with Andy (our choir director). He held her last Sunday for a bit and today when he was holding her she didn't want to go back to us. We had to pry her from him to go home.

We go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm glad to finally get her seen.

Helping Grandmama open b/d presents

Peter with b/d ribbon in his hair


LK's Mom said...

I loved that she was waving at me!!

She seems to be doing so well. I hope the Dr visit goes well and that you get a good report.

love ya!


Magi said...

Good luck with the doctor visit. The silent tears just broke my heart. I tried calling you a couple of times last weekend. Answer your cell!! ;o)

Shana and Scott said...

Silent tears are sad.
I love the love she is getting from her brother. So sweet.
That first doc appt. is such a relief. When you learn how to download pics you'll laugh at yourself b/c it is so easy. I avoided it for so long! Have a great weekend!