Friday, November 2, 2007

Jet Lag

Well, we discovered the best time to get on the internet....3:00am! And unfortunately, we have been up at that time both nights. We are having a good time thought. We are actually here with about 10 other couples so the site seeing tours have been fun. We met in the lobby yesterday morning with our group and headed to T Square and The Forbidden City. We were swarmed by vendors the the whole time we were there. If any of you wanted a General Mao watch, you should've told me...they had some great deals!

We got back to the hotel around 1:00 and went to a large department store next to the hotel. It was really nice, but really expensive. We didn't buy anything. One couple bought some Crocs...they were about the same price as in the US. We went with another couple to a Thai restaurant for lunch. We had communication problems there, but the menu was huge and had pictures of everything they served....which wasn't to their advantage. They serve roasted duck and chicken with the head on!!! They also had a dish called chicken gristle!!! Derek had some kind of chicken that I didn't try and I had shrimp fried rice. Mine was very bland, but I felt safe eating it. The only thing we knew to say in chinese to our waiter was that we wanted our drinks with no ice. BTW, chinese coke tastes different.

We were suppose to meet back with the group at 4:30 to go to an acrobatic show, but something happened with the tickets and we couldn't go. They arrange for us to go to a Kung Fu show instead at around 7:30. I SO did not want to go...I was tired and just ready to go to bed. Derek guilted me into going. He thought it would be lame to stay in the hotel room while in China. I personally didn't care about Kung Fu and thought there would be a much better show on the back of my eyelids!!! When we finally met again to go to the show, they told us that we were going to get to go the acrobat show. It was just going to be at a different location (it was actually at the public library theater). The show was not very good. We have seen the chinese acrobat show at Epcot and that is amazing. We decided those must be the best of the best. I also think we probably missed the good show. When we finally got back to the room, we were exhausted. We decided to take some Ambien to make sure we slept. We both took only half a pill and slept pretty well for awhile, but we both woke up at around 3:00. So, now Derek is reading his John Adams book (and if that can't put you to sleep....) and I'm here on the computer.

Today we go to the Great Wall...will talk later! I only have 5 hours until I have to meet everyone downstairs!

Oh yeah, our pictures from yesterday are all weird. So, unless we get them figured out, no pix!


Lily Kate's Mom said...

Glad you're enjoying yourselves. I just sent you an email as well. Hope you're asleep by now!


Jim McClain said...

Don't forget to look for the Sunkist sodas, both orange and grapefruit flavors when you go to the local convenience stores! They are fantastic and they are good to have in your hotel fridges! Take care!

Magi said...

Ditto on the Sunkist. I still crave the grapefruit one. I did almost all my blogging in the early mornings. I would be so exhausted in the evening that I'd fall asleep shortly after Sera did. I'd wake up around 4ish and blog in the dark while Jim and Sera slept. Now you see why I was able to write so much. Ha Ha

Enjoy the Great Wall. I bet you also go to the cloisonne factory for lunch.