Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's Official-She's Ours!

Sorry for the delay in posting but we were without internet yesterday.

T o catch up.

Tuesday: We returned to the Civil Affairs Building to finalize the paperwork. Many signatures and red thumbprints and Ava's red hand print. But she is officially ours. We returned to the hotel for a good nap then we took Ava to the indoor pool. She loved it but was a little timid. Unfortunately due to a computer problem we lost the photos and video this.

Wednesday: We had big outing planned to some sites about 2 hours away. Unfortunately due to the long car ride on bad roads and maybe a virus Marcia was in no shape to stay. We had a quick tour but returned early. Unfortunately Marcia was out the rest of the day but Ava and I spent time exploring the hotel and walking the halls. We ate dinner together at the hotel.

It's Thursday morning here. Ava is in my lap as I type this and is curious about the computer. No big plans today. We may venture out into the smog if Marcia is up to it to the zoo or local park.



Magi said...

Yikes, feel better, Marcia! I love the picture of her standing in front of you. It's fantastic. Good job, Derek! I hope you guys get out and do some fun stuff.

Jessdine said...

Double yikes. I hope you get some sleep. :( you aren't feeling well.

Mary said...

Hey! Ava is sooo cute! can't wait to meet her! I love reading about the trip and looking at all the pictures, I know all of you are having a great time. C you when you get back.