Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks, Magi!

I am horrible at things like this but my super blogger sister, Magi, "tagged me" so I guess I will give it a try. I'm sure she will be surprised that I did it.

1. I am horrible at this because there is not much that I don't share with people. Unfortunately, I probably tell people too much about myself. But, I have this thing about putting things in writing...I can always deny I've said something, but it is hard to deny what is in black and white. In fact, I've given advice to people (mostly my younger sister) against writing personal letters to address issues.

2. Okay, here it goes, and yes, I'm counting the above comment as number one. On the first day of my physiology class in college (one of many...colleges not physiology classes), when filling out the obligatory informational index card, I wrote on mine that I use to be male. I always hated trying to come up with something interesting about myself. The professor never said anything to me about it, but he taught physiology not anatomy...maybe he wasn't sure.

3. I love to read! This is really no secret to anyone who knows me. I read almost every night before I go to sleep regardless of what time it is, how sick I am, or even how bad what I am reading is. I don't think of this as any great thing...I have wasted a lot of my life reading bad books. But, I hate it when people say that they don't read because they don't have time or really anything because they don't have time. It is not a time thing it is a choice thing. Maybe you just prefer to have a restful night sleep and that is ok.

4. I spent a considerable percentage of my life (it will take several more years of aging for it not to be considerable) in college. I went to FSU, UF, Gulf Coast Community College (actually graduated), beauty school (one in Panama City, but graduated from one in Hammond, LA...sorry don't remember the name of either), and finally Auburn University. I goofed off at FSU and UF, but I went back to school (Auburn) at 24, and after 7 years, I finally finished. I have my bachelors and doctorate from Auburn, so it was seven straight years...not seven goofing off years. After seven years at Auburn, I am definitely an Auburn fan. War Eagle!

5. I am in a group of women called the Pink Ladies. After graduating from Auburn, Derek and I both did residencies in Memphis, TN. I was at the VA hospital and was one of 7 female residents. We had the best time together. Six of us have kept in touch and have made a point of getting together every year. We are all great friends and email almost on a daily basis.

6. I met my husband in pharmacy school. We got married three days after we graduated with our B.S. After our honeymoon of camping our way up to Maine, I moved into his lovely trailor where we lived until we finished our graduate program. I should clarify that at Auburn, most of the trailor parks are filled with college students (It is Alabama!!). Anyway, it was a very economical way to live while in school. Derek and I sometimes joke about how much money we would have if we still lived there!

7. I have three sisters and none of us live near each other, not even in the same state. I would love for us to be able to live near each other and have our children grow up together.

Okay, done! Now I have to tag some people. Sorry!
1. Kati
2. Jessica
3. Pam
4. Kathleen
5. Susan
6. Susan
7. I don't even know 7 people to tag!


Pam said...

Ok Marcia, I hate to disappoint you but I untagged myself:) Does this mean I'll have seven years of bad luck or creeps visiting my blog leaving digusting messages? We're still friends right?

Marcia said...

I'm sure something bad will happen...I will have to consult the blog bad luck experts.

Believe me, I understand!!!

Magi said...

Very well done. These are tough to do.