Sunday, November 2, 2008

Look who's in a "big girl bed" now!

Well, we will see how it works. Ava slept with her foster grandparents before we adopted her so to keep her from having so many changes at first we had her sleep with us. We were not going to have her in our bed too long but when we visited our social worker, she said not to push putting her into her own bed. She said it could take up to a year. Well, here we are a year later. We have had a toddler bed set up in her room and I think she has slept in it for about an hour this whole year. We lay down with her every night in our bed for a little while so we decided that to get her into her own room we needed a bigger bed. This bed was one of Ava's aunts when she was a little girl. She was so excited the whole time we were putting it all together. Now let's see if she sleeps in it!


Pam said...

What a pretty bed for a pretty girl. Good Luck!!

Magi said...

Love the comforter. Very cute! I wish you luck!

Susan said...

Yay Ava! I hope she takes to it and you get your bed back - at least for a few hours in the night!

Love the bedding!