Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Fun with Virginia

My sweet niece, Virginia, is here and the kids are having such a good time with her. When we are home, I actually hardly ever see them...they go down to the playroom and play for hours. Sunday we went to White Water and we all really had a good time. I didn't bring my camera, but if you've ever been to White Water, you know that some of the sites you don't want to remember (I just don't understand why every pregnant person now feels that they need to wear a bikini). Anyway, the kids were cute and they loved the rides.

Kati happened to pack two dresses of Virginia's that Ava has so I dressed them alike for church on Sunday...they looked so cute. What was even cuter though was Peter and Virginia holding hands walking into church.

We had a pretty busy day yesterday too. Ava has a door plaque on her door that I made that Virginia liked so after Ava's speech therapy, we went to the craft store to buy some stuff to make one for her. Virginia and Peter also bought some crafts to paint. On the way home, we stopped off at the drug store for some milk shakes and then off to Blockbuster for some video games and movies. So last night we did crafts for a while and then the big kids went downstairs to play and watch movies with Derek while I put Ava to bed. I forgot to mention that I also brought out the play-doh for Ava to play with. So right now, I think that every room in our house is a disaster area. You always hear people say that with each child, you become more and more relaxed about what they do. Well, she is definitely the first one that I have let play with play-doh in the living room. It dries up and actually comes out of carpet pretty easily. It is not like it is any worse than all of the danimal/gogurt spills that the living room rug has suffered. (please call 2 hours in advance before stopping by)

I just got up and went into the boys room to tell them something and they are now grouping all of the stuffed animals and putting them on Peter's bed. Peter has a lot of stuffed animals...he has quite a large Care Bear collection. They are having so much fun so who cares that they are making a mess and that I just saw Ava walk by with green play-d0h in her hands.(please call 3 hours in advance before stopping by)

Today we are going to take it easy and just hang out by the pool. Maybe I will clean up later.

Our Wall Art

Peter wanted his on here too

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Susan said...

Cute pics and plaques!

About housework - I never thought I would be so messy and unorganized. I have relaxed a lot, but it still gets to me when I take a good look around.

At least 2-3 hours are definitely required before any visitors. God forbid someone wants to view the house!!