Friday, July 18, 2008

Look Who Has Glasses Now

Isn't she the cutest thing?!

We took Ava to her follow up eye doctor appointment this week and she is now wearing glasses. The last time that we went, the doctor told us that she was far sighted, but just outside the normal limits for a child. He didn't think that she needed glasses at that time, but wanted to follow up in a couple of months to see how she was doing. It seems that she crosses her left eye when she tries to focus, this is called accomodative esotropia. Ben was given glasses (and patch) for amblyopia and anisometropia. Really big words which mean that his eyes were seeing unequally and the brain was starting to favor the better eye. I never knew that there were so many long words to describe eye conditions. I was hoping (for both of them) that their vision would be corrected easily and they wouldn't need glasses long term, but it looks like they both will be wearing them for years. They both look really cute in their glasses. I wanted to take a picture of them together, but was only able to get Ava to cooperate tonight. Ben has had a few things not go his way tonight so he is not in the greatest of moods. On top of that, he just got home from spending several days at one of his favorite places, Jim and Donna's, and he is exhausted!


Magi said...

They make her look older. She looks like such a big girl now. And look how long her hair is getting!

Susan said...

She looks ADORABLE! She is just the sweetest girl and Magi is right, she looks so grown up in that picture!

Kate said...

Well...those glasses just make that sweet girl of yours even prettier!!! So cute!

I hope your Ben is having some sunnier days!!