Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Little Boy Turns 5!

Jada and Peter having fun on the stage

update - The Migo has been found!!! Peter put it in his back pack yesterday, and he found it today when he was at school. Yay!

I think we could all learn from Peter how to have fun at a party! He is such a fun, happy guy. He had such a good time at his birthday party at Chuckee Cheese's! He had about 6 friends from school come. He was very excited about seeing all of his friends.

I can't believe that he is 5 years old. What people say is so true. Time just flies watching your children grow. I love seeing them going through all of their ages and stages. I just don't want them to grow and not want to cuddle anymore. Peter is such a loving and cuddly guy, he may not ever grow out of it!

Happy Birthday Peter!! His birthday was actually yesterday, but we have had many celebrations!! He had his friend party on Saturday, family party on Sunday, and yesterday we also did some celebrating. The main thing he wanted to make sure we did yesterday was eat dinner at Burger King! He likes BK, but the real big draw is that i-dogs are the prize in the kid's meal! We also went to Target so he could spend his gift cards that he got at his party. We spent a long time going up and down the toy isles trying to decide what he wanted. He finally decided on an Migo pet (a hand held virtual Chihuahua). For some reason he has a thing for chihuahua's. In fact, he told me one day he wanted to go to Mexico and when I asked him why, it was because chihuahua's are from there. Unfortunately, he brought the Migo pet to the grocery store with us and I think he may have left it there. We can't find it anywhere. He is very upset about it. We are no longer bringin toys into the grocery store!!
Sydney (Peter's ex-girlfriend), Peter, and Noah in the background

Ben and Peter (with Ava's help) playing air hockey

Ava sticking close to mommy at the crazy Chuckee Cheese

Donna and Jim hosted both Peter and Granddaddy's birthday party. It was great for me. The only thing I did for the party was make Peter's cake. Thank you Donna!

Ava must think we really like to party...two in one weekend!

Present time!!!

Wherever Granddaddy is, Ava is!

Blowing out candles

Ava fed Granddaddy all of his cake and ice cream!


Magi said...

Yay! The Migo lives! That has to be one happy granddaddy. I just love Pete's exuberance. I hope he never loses it.

LK's Mom said...

Sounds like a great time for everyone. Love all the pics!