Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adoption Video

This is a neat adotion video. I found it on the blog of the pediatrician we are going to see Monday at the International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham. Our doctor is the blond woman that adopted twin girls. Her adorable girls, Lily and Kate, are at the end of the video. I also added a link to her blog if anyone wants to read about her. I wish she were here in Atlanta! Thanks to Susan for letting me know about her and her clinic. You can see how she might have caught Susan's eye.


Monica said...

You will LOVE Dr. Chambers and the IAC in B'ham. We take our Lily Mei there and they are all so sweet and full of good information!
ps-our daughter is from the same orphanage as Sera

Magi said...

Those girls are adorable. I meant to ask you last night if you had an appt yet. Good deal!

Hi, Monica!

Slacker said...

Hey Marcia!
It's been a long time!!
Great pictures and wonderful to catch up with all of the things going on in your lives!! Lots of great things and I'm so happy for you!!

Jack77 said...

Hey Marcia and Derek,
Great blog/website! I enjoyed viewing the site (unfortunately my computer wouldn't cooperate with the video). A big congratulations on your new addition to your family-Ava is absolutely adorable! Best wishes to all of you! Doreen

adam brown said...

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Marcia said...


I don't recall asking you or anyone any info on an abs diet. I guess I need to change my settings to avoid spammers! Don't anyone click on his "well here is the site" link. I don't know if it is safe.


LK's Mom said...

Hey, you should turn on the word verification option to avoid crazy spammers...I can show you how if you need me too :)