Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're On Our Way!

The day has finally arrived and we get to fly to China to get our little girl, Ava Li. Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim have charge of Ben and Pete at our house while we're away. The day started very early but very typicially when the boys made their way into our bedroom and into our bed to watch TV and drink chocolate milk while we ran around getting ready to leave. Donna and Jim spent the night, so Donna helped with the boys and Jim took us to the airport. Tonight, Ben and Pete will go Trick-or-Treating with Donna and Jim while we are someplace over the Pacific either sleeping or watching a movie at 40,000 feet. Keep checking back - we'll keep the blog updated all during our journey!


Magi said...

Love that snazzy green strap. You won't see this until you're in Beijing. I hope your flight went well. Get some rest and enjoy the sight-seeing!

Lily Kate's Mom said...

We thought about you guys all day yesterday and when we got up this morning, I said they're there now - I wonder what they're doing?

Can't wait to see all the pics. Hope the jet-lag doesn't hit you too hard - get lots of sleep!

love you both!
Susan and Jonathan