Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ben's Post

I really want to go camping. You get to make your own fire. It is really cool to have your own pocket knife. What I like the best is the Swiss Army Knife. It has a lot of different sharp things....one is a saw. It is really cool to have your own lighter too. Remember how I was talking about making your own fire? Well, I love lighters because they make good fire. But I never use these things by myself. I have to always be with my dad. Everyone under age 6 cannot use one.


Lily Kate's Mom said...


I am sure you will get to go camping with the cub scouts, and your mom, the cool troup leader will probably go too - she'll love that!

I like that you think about safety :)
Great posts!


Magi said...

Hi Ben,

You're right. Sometimes you need a daddy's helping hand. I'm glad you know that.

Uncle Jim likes to go camping, too. He even has a swiss army knife, though is doesn't have a saw. Maybe we can all go camping together sometime?

Love you!

Jessdine said...


I think we should plan a camping trip for all the men in the family. Uncle Jeremy likes to camp also.

Bring your Swiss Army knife with you at Christmas. We might have a chance to use it!

Aunt Jessica

Sophia's Mama said...

Swiss Army Knives are so cool and the best camping gear.