Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Peter's Post

I like doing math and I will show you some now.

My favorite thing to do is going to Disney World. Here is a picture of me and my brother at Disney World.

Peter and Ben (Disney World December 2004)


Donna said...

Hey Pete, you've been asking me to write about your post, so here it is! I love reading about you but most of all I love getting your sugars on the back of your neck. I hope you are having a great week at school and I'll see you in 6 days. Love you very much, Donna

Lily Kate's Mom said...

Peter, I love that picture of you and Ben - you are so little there! Disneyworld is awesome.
Just think how much fun it will be to go there with your brother AND sister :)


Magi said...


How did I miss this post. Good job with the math. I love the picture of you and Ben.

Love you,