Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know the pigtails aren't the best, but look how much Ava's hair has grown since November! She looks fresh from the barber!

This is at Lucy's in Guangzhou

Enjoying a french fry cigarette

Trying to put bows on a few strands of hair


Magi said...

Yay! Pigtails!

Sera and I were reading her favorite magazine today. I call it Adoptive Families. She cals it Babies, Mama, Babies!

Anyway, there's a picture of an Asian girl with short hair. Sera pointed and shouted Ava. I asked her if that was Ava. She looked closer and said no.

Ava is the only child Sera ever refers to at home. Funny, isn't it?

Susan said...

Love the pigtails! I wonder of our girls will have more hair when we meet them...I am dying for a more recent picture.

Sophia's Mama said...

Ava has grown so much and is so beautiful. I love the pigtails :)