Friday, May 9, 2008

Does Anyone Know What This Is???

That is a dime in the picture...someone thought it was a quarter (that might have required surgery)!!!

Well, I don't either! But I know where it came from...AVA'S NOSE!!!! Her nose has been horrible ever since China. It has been really smelly and she keeps getting antibiotics, but the smell and cruddy junk keep coming back. We took her to the ENT two weeks ago and he asked if she had put anything up her nose because that is what usually causes a bad odor. I said not that I knew of but her nose has been like this for six months, the entire time she has been home. He looked to see if he saw anything, but didn't. He gave her two weeks worth of antibiotics and told us to give her nasal washes (I highly recommend that to the chronically congested...that really cleans your sinuses!!!). He was thinking that her adenoids were enlarged and causing chronic infections. As soon as we started the nasal washes we thought we saw something black trying to come out of her nose. We weren't sure what it almost looked like dried blood or something. I took her back to the ENT for him to check and make sure that there wasn't a foreign body. He (well, really the PA...the Dr was in surgery) cleaned out her nose and saw what I was talking about, but said that it was a concretion (I think that is what he called it)...basically, dried hard snot (gross, I know). They said to keep doing the washes and that should soften it up and make it come out. Well, the last few days it really looked like it was going to come out, but it would slip back up her nose. This morning, while I was driving the kids to school, Ava sneezed. I turned around and she had snot coming out of her nose, so I pulled over to wipe it and when I did THAT came out of it!!! That has been in her nose for 6+ months. It looks like the shell to some type of nut. I can't imagine having something like that in my nose for that long. Maybe her adenoids are fine!!!


Susan said...

OMG!! That looks like a pistachio shell. No WONDER she was congested. She must be feeling so much better. Crazy!

Magi said...

I can just imagine the relief after getting that thing out, and your relief that the culprit has been found. Hopefully, there won't be any more smelly noses.

Jim McClain said...

You're right, Marcia. That's gross.

Kate said...

Oh the poor little thing!!! SHe must feel so much better!!! We have "nasal" issues with Lia too...stuff gets really hard in her nose and I have actually had to use the tweezers from time to time to get some of it out (very carfully and obviously just the parts I can see!) gross...but she is able to breathe so much better after. Luckily I have never had to pull out a nutshell!!!

I am glad it came out!!

Lily Makes 3 said...

I had to contact you--a friend forwarded to me your post. Our adopted daughter from China had the same thing--smelly drainage from her nose since we brought her home. She had CL surgery in China. She also had a oronasal fistula that needed repaired which was repaired here in ATL last November. We asked the surgeon to check it out--we could see something white imbedded in the floor of her nostral way up there--and we told him about the smell & drainage. He said he thought it was a tooth & that the smell may be food that gets stuck in the oronasal fistula. When it didnt' get better after the surgery we went to a ped. ENT. He had us doing the washes--then he pulled out a piece of BONE from her nose. It was about the size of a dime but rectangular shape. I can't believe she had that up there all this time!! And I can't believe a craniofacial surgeon blew it off!!

Sophia's Mama said...

Awww that poor little thing (I mean Ava not the nut shell LOL). I bet she feels a million times better.