Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ava Showing Off Her New Birthday Presents

Ava got two birthday presents in the mail yesterday. She got the cutest little dress from Aunt Magi. Magi got the adorable hand made dress from Robin, a waiting mother who is sewing to make money so that she can go to China to get her daughter. When I showed it to Ava, she wanted to put it on immediately so we put it on over what she had on. I didn't get any pictures of that lovely combination, but we did put it on today and she posed for pictures outside. She loves to put on pretty clothes.

Granddaddy and Grandma Nora got her a new tricycle. We have a tricycle but she can't really do it herself so this one with the push bar is great (it saves mom and dad's backs). I didn't let her see the tricycle until today because I didn't want her to know it existed until we had it put together and we were ready to ride. We put it together while she napped this afternoon so we could surprise her with it when she woke up. She was very excited when she saw it and instead of riding it, she has been pushing it around. Right now she prefers to push it. She had a lot of fun with it today.

As you can see, I have no pix of the boys. They left yesterday to go to the beach with Derek's family. We are going to meet them there next Wednesday night, after the twins come home.

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Magi said...

The dress is so cute on her. I'm glad it fit. Love the trike. Very snazzy. Sera's doesn't have the handle thing to push. We planned to get one with it, but she refused any but the one Jim got her.