Monday, September 17, 2007

New Photos

When we received Ava's file we had some medical questions for them. When they sent us the information, they also sent us some updated photos. These were taken in May. They are probably keeping her hair short to keep her cool and because it is easier. We will definitely be growing her hair out. I have already bought SEVERAL bows!!!


Lily Kate's Mom said...

How sweet is she? We can't wait to meet her as well and am sending up all our prayers that you can bring her home sooner than later.

Do you mind if I link to you on my blog?

See...blogging is fun :) Looks great!

Doris & Dan said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful.

Keep smilin!

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your referral.

When you are ready to get her finding ad (with a photo younger than her referral photo!) come visit us at We have lots of information that will be helpful to you.

Have a great trip to China!


Cath said...

What a gorgeous child!!! You must be dancing!

All the best,

Sophia's Mama said...

She is so sweet! We will be saying a prayer for your family and for little Ava...